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Best Self Counseling


At Best Self Counseling, we will work together to create a treatment plan that fits you. We start with an intake assessment and identify where you are at and what your needs are.

Individual counseling

You may need help with managing stress, depression, anxiety, loss of satisfaction in your work and personal relationships. This can result result in feeling hopeless and stuck. Setting small goals can help you get back on track to acheiving your best self.

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Family counseling

Effective communication, learning how to validate and problem solve is key to achieving a healthy family balance. In a safe space, you will learn and practice with your family these steps to an improved family relationship. If you and your family are ready to take this step then click below.

 Is Therapy for Me?

Not sure if this is a fit?  Try it on. Therapy can be a rewarding process filled with questions and uncertainty. I offer 20-30 minute phone consulations to answer any questions that you may have about this process and how I can be of help. Feel free to contact me and schedule your consult.

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